Apr 5, 2013


Purchasing Options for Gummy Beatz

Leasing Options:

Lease (Mp3) - $25

Tracked Out WAV Files - $80

Unlimited Lease Contract (Mp3 + T/O Wavs) - $150

Exclusive Prices - $300 - $500 (depends on beat. Tell me the name and I will give you a quote!)

Custom Tracks  - 



Any other questions feel free to ask!

- Gummy

Buy with Paypal in the Beat Store Here:

Website - www.GummyBeatz.com

                                    How to Buy Gummy Beatz

1. Leasing Rights  - When you purchase a Lease you will receive the Untagged High Quality MP3 and/or (if Chosen) Individual Tracked out Wav Files in an email within 24 hours of the Beat you want. You can purchase with Paypal on the site in the BEAT STORE and select the type of lease, also see the package deals for quantity and promo. In the space below enter the name(s) of ALL the beats you want to purchase.

When you lease a beat you are allowed to use it for one project and sell up to 5,000 copies. I still own the beat. If you love the song you made and want to upgrade to exclusive rights you can contact me at Gummybeatz@gmail.com and ask for a price quote on the beat.


When you purchase Exclusive Rights to a beat it means YOU OWN THE BEAT. It will be removed off the site. You will receive a contract and The mp3, WAV, Track Outs.

 You must give credit as such : 

Name of track (Produced By Gummy Beatz) 

Payment options are available on Exclusive Rights and Package Deals!

No paypal? No problem.

You can Western Union. I will email you the info.

Whether you Leasing some Gummy Beatz or Purchasing Exclusives, 

Lets take care of the Business, get that out the way so we can Focus on the Music!

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