Apr 6, 2013

TheTrackAddictz info

Information about us:  We are known as TheTrackAddictz | a Production Team based out of Gainesville, FL | We provide and sell instrumentals to upcoming and established artists alike. Our specialties include Trap, Dirty South, EDM, Dubstep, New School, RnB, Anthem's, Remix's, etc. We sell leases and exclusives, as well as custom mixtapes, package deals, mixing/mastering services, social media promo, and more! We don't work for free, but we will make ANY budget work because we understand how difficult it is for young rappers to find high quality, original tracks! Our main website is: 

www.TheTrackAddictz.com (SoundClick) 

but you can find our beats on popular outlets such as: 

MusicCentro (www.TheTrackAddictz.net

RocBattle (www.RocBattle.com/TheTrackAddictz

Youtube (www.YouTube.com/ProblematicBeats)

We are currently finishing our first DUBSTEP EP which will be released within the next two months! Titled "Mayday" for its high energy and explosive sound. We will be performing throughout Florida shortly after the release!

Composed of 3 members

@TTABrent (BTP) | @TTAProblematic | @TTASoniix 

Email: TheTrackAddictz@gmail.com | 

Serious Business inquiries: 407-304-0271


BTP - Problematic - Soniix 
Twitter: @TheTrackAddictz

Apr 5, 2013


Purchasing Options for Gummy Beatz

Leasing Options:

Lease (Mp3) - $25

Tracked Out WAV Files - $80

Unlimited Lease Contract (Mp3 + T/O Wavs) - $150

Exclusive Prices - $300 - $500 (depends on beat. Tell me the name and I will give you a quote!)

Custom Tracks  - 



Any other questions feel free to ask!

- Gummy

Buy with Paypal in the Beat Store Here:

Website - www.GummyBeatz.com

                                    How to Buy Gummy Beatz

1. Leasing Rights  - When you purchase a Lease you will receive the Untagged High Quality MP3 and/or (if Chosen) Individual Tracked out Wav Files in an email within 24 hours of the Beat you want. You can purchase with Paypal on the site in the BEAT STORE and select the type of lease, also see the package deals for quantity and promo. In the space below enter the name(s) of ALL the beats you want to purchase.

When you lease a beat you are allowed to use it for one project and sell up to 5,000 copies. I still own the beat. If you love the song you made and want to upgrade to exclusive rights you can contact me at Gummybeatz@gmail.com and ask for a price quote on the beat.


When you purchase Exclusive Rights to a beat it means YOU OWN THE BEAT. It will be removed off the site. You will receive a contract and The mp3, WAV, Track Outs.

 You must give credit as such : 

Name of track (Produced By Gummy Beatz) 

Payment options are available on Exclusive Rights and Package Deals!

No paypal? No problem.

You can Western Union. I will email you the info.

Whether you Leasing some Gummy Beatz or Purchasing Exclusives, 

Lets take care of the Business, get that out the way so we can Focus on the Music!

Feb 17, 2013

Promote Websites Using This Free Android App

Promote your website with one click with the Alphainventions.com Website Promoter It's free to use and provides instant results. You have to set your Android phone to be able to install Apps from unknown sources in your settings.

Blogging Tips

The following list contains tips on how to get more people to engage in your blog and comeback for more!

  • Learn how to blog and read more than you write
  • Pick a name for your website or blog that matches what you write about
  • Write a detailed description for your pages
  • Make sure your domain name is short and contains no hyphens
  • Design your layout simple yet professional
  • Make sure you write more than a few lines on each page. Content is key.
  • Place links on your blog that are similar to your content. (fewer than 100)
  • Create a picture in your readers mind
  • Use keywords throughout your posts that are relevant to your title
  • Use every social network possible without spamming
  • Write articles using the WordPress platform (WordPress is great for search engine optimization)
  • Use widgets and plugins to promote your posts
  • Write everyday (if possible)
  • Connect and comment on other blogs
  • Share all of your posts on alphainventions.com as much as possible
  • Make your blog an information resource
  • Find ways to increase visibility to your blog
  • Make your font easy to read for the young and elderly
  • Get to know people that read your blog (contact them on facebook, twitter ect.)
  • Make sure your background image doesn't distract the reader from what you want them to read
  • Never use default fonts or popular templates
  • All caps is like yelling at the reader don't use them
  • Write for humans to read not search engines
  • Use target marketing to a specific demographic audience
  • Make the competition interested
  • Post comments on blogs that are meaningful and non-spammy
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Submit your links to directories that have plenty of traffic (popular sites)
  • Create posts that are easy to scan
  • Take advantage of RSS feeds
  • Leave a link to your blog everytime you comment on another blog or status update
  • Learn how to use meta tags
  • Minimize pics, ads, widgets and scripts
  • Tell others how your blog became successful
  • Tell others about your mistakes
  • Use article marketing sites that have a high reputation
  • Have your readers subscribe to your posts
  • Give info on internet tools that you use
  • Don't use mismatch colors (make your ads the same color as your layout)
  • Use external link hubs and create projects for friends to participate in
  • Don't make your urls too long Each month evaluate your progress and make the appropriate changes based on statistics
  • Use your own words and don't sound like a robot
  • Write a post for each holiday
  • Build a network
  • Find social bookmarking resources (digg, delicious ect..)
  • Copy your content to your computer for backup
  • Don't be to serious
  • Offer email subscriptions
  • Place your RSS feeds on feedburner and Google reader
  • Make use of trackbacks on blog posts
  • Never copy and paste content from another website or blog
  • Use SEO (search engine optimization) but don't overdo it
  • Make yourself into a pro blogger
  • Add a statcounter to your blog
  • Delete posts that you don't like or re-edit them
  • Ping your posts
  • Take advantage of tags and keywords Create a 101 list in your niche
  • Use online forums and place links to your content in the signature
  • Display your real name and have a complete profile
  • Make your domain name easy to recall
  • Post about things you like
  • Use sidebars sparingly
  • Make your posts addictive
  • Get a friend to help you write content
  • Reply to every comment left by readers
  • Make every answer the best
  • Personalize your content
  • Get to know your visitors habits
  • Provide references to your content
  • Create an audio podcast
  • Use labels on your blog
  • Create a business out of your blog
  • Teach others how to blog
  • Create a free ebook and sell it
  • Be original when trying to sell your products
  • Help people learn to make money
  • Get backlinks from education and government sites
  • Take ideas from others and give them credit
  • Look at how others write advertisements
  • Blog about recent news
  • Put popular posts at the top
  • Save and bookmark each post in your browser
  • Let your customers have easy access to comments on your posts
  • Tweet daily using twitter
  • Tease your readers (using "more info" links)
  • Make your email address easy to read
  • Make your Facebook status updates positive
  • Place links to your articles in newsletters
  • Ask other bloggers to mention your post
  • Subscribe to RSS feeds of related blog
  • Place advertisements near the top of the page
  • Submit your blog to alphainventions.com as much as you can
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  • Jan 29, 2013

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